Ucapan2 Goodbye terbaik untuk diucapkan

KumpulanUcapan Goodbye terbaik. ada perjumpaan ada perpisahan,. so dikesempatan kali ini penulis akan mencoba menyajikan ucapan2 goodbye terbaik terutama dalam bahasa Inggris,. tanpa banyak basa basi cekidot:

  1. Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends. ~Richard Bach
  2. Goodbye is not the end of everything but merely the beginning of something that probably can hurt or make you happy again.
  3. “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”  J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown

  • Man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell. ~Jean Paul Richter
  • Goodbyes are the hardest things ever I can’t say them if I’m leaving and not coming back that is hard I hate it.
“The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. Maybe they always have been and will be. Maybe we've lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we've found each other. And maybe each time, we've been forced apart for the same reasons. That means that this goodbye is both a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to what will come.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Dan sebagai informasi,. berikut cara menyampaikan Goodbye dalam berbagai bahasa Penting,. diantaranya:
  • Mengatakan Goodbye dalam bahasa Portugal,. dimana bahasa portugal mungkin salah satu bahasa penting dimana bahasa ini juga diguanakan di Brazil, Mozambik, Angola dan pastinya diportugal itu sendiri. dimana jumlah orang yang berbicara menggunakan bahasa Portugese sekitaran 200 juta orang,. 
so berikut cara mengatakannya:
  • "Adeus"
     Meaning: "Goodbye"
     Pronunciation: Ah-dee-OSH
  • "Tchau"
Meaning: "Bye" or "Ciao"
Pronunciation: CHOW

  • "Até amanhã"
Meaning: "Until tomorrow"
Pronunciation: ah-TAY-amon-YAY

n kalo bahasa Prancis seperti


Meaning: "Farewell"

Pronunciation: ah-DYØH

"Au Revoir"

Meaning: "Goodbye"

Pronunciation: oh-VWAHR

"À bientôt"

Meaning: "See you soon

Pronunciation: ah-bee-EN-toe

"À demain"

Meaning: "See you tomorrow"

Pronunciation: ah-DE-mah

Bahasa Italy goodbye:


Meaning: "Goodbye"

Pronunciation: ahr-REE-va-DER-chee


Meaning: "Bye"

Pronunciation: ahd-DEEH-oh


Meaning: "Bye"

Pronunciation: CHOW

GOODBYE bahasa German:

"Auf Wiedersehen"
Meaning: "Until we meet again"

Pronunciation: owf-VEE-der-zayn

"Bis dann"
Meaning: "Until then"

Pronunciation: BISS-dun

"Bis bald"
Meaning: "Until soon"

Pronunciation: BISS-balt

"Bis später"
Meaning: "Until later"

Pronunciation: bis-SHPAY-ta

Meaning: "Bye"

Pronunciation: CHÜSS

Meaning: "Bye"

Pronunciation: CHOW

Meaning: "Bye"

Pronunciation: ah-DAY

okay!! demikian postingan tentang goodbye kata2,. semoga bermanfaat sob.

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