contoh Approval Sheet Ujian Comprehansive UNIMA FBS Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris


The title of the Skripsi            : THE STUDY ON EMOTICON USED BY FACEBOOKERS
Scientific Writing by   Name   :  Tommy Damima
Student’s Register Number    :  06 310 226
Department                             :  English Education
Study Program                        :  English Education Department
Program                                   :  S-1 Degree
Accepted by the team of advisors to be proposed to the committee of S-1 degree. Faculty of Languages and Arts, Manado State University.
                Advisor I                                                                        Advisor II  

 Dra, N, Samola M,Hum                                                   Dra. D.J. Wowor M,Hum
NIP.  196009091986032002                                             NIP. 195512291981112001

Recommended by
Chairperson of English Education Department

Dr. Tini. Mogea, M.Hum
NIP. 19600214 198611 2 001

Legalized by
The Dean of Faculty of Languages and Arts
Manado State University

Dr. F. Dj. Rorong, M.Hum
NIP. 19580624 198602 1 001

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dex said...

kalo mo maju proposal pake approval sheet le ka ? kalo ada bgmna dang dpe form? thanks.. ^^

November 6, 2016 at 3:19 PM

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thanks so baca,. tertarik? kase komen dang,.

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