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Chapter I

Language is used by human being to communicate with one another. Human and language is a unity that cannot be separated. Although language is varying in every place in this world, but linguists have find the ways to study them. That’s why there’s a linguists says: “Language fills every part of our life; it gives words to our thoughts, voice to our ideas and expression to our feelings. It is also rich and varied human ability-one can use without even a thought, that children seems to acquire automatically, and that linguists have discovered to be complex yet describable. (Nick Cippollone;1998)
Language is used in every aspect of life. Humans used it in any way possible in their life, although they live in different places, environment and make different interactions. Language comes in any type, as humans developed their knowledge; speech, songs and sign language, we are approaching what might call the human essence’ the distinctive qualities of mind that are, so far as we know unique to man. (“Noam Chomsky”).
People said that song is a language used by composer to experience his thoughts to all listeners. It might be correct, since songs are meant to tell something, like love songs, to express and explain love in any kinds of way. This research is conducted to study on sound change pronounciation in Thrash metal song lyrics
Thrash metal music is one of the rock music genres that has a big development but this music type is not so common and popular eventhough for the other people this music is very entertain. This music was born at the 80’s but the embrio of this music had begun at the 1976. This music born as a rebellion of the fans that not satisfied with the music at that time time. Thrash metal music is the music industries that give a musician freedom to express their expression. They can make their own music with their own management system. So, they can make music freedomly without follow anyone rules, this is called “underground” music
Sound change is the most widely studied aspect of language change. There are a number of reason why this is so. First, the study of how the sounds of language change has along tradition behind it, more so than any other area of linguistics. As a result we are more informed about this particular area of language change than other. Second, it is often impossible to understand changes in other areas of the language system without studying sounds change, for sounds change does not affect just the system of sound change provides the basic for the study of language relationships and the reconstruction of parent (proto-)languages. Finally, sounds change provides a very good introduction to the basic aims and goals of those who study language change: to describe the types of changes possible in language systems and to determine the causes of those changes. Based on that reason the writer interested in doing the research namely ” a study on sound change in pronounciation on Thrash metal song lyrics” based on the songs produce by Dimmu Borgir, Pestilence, Manowar, Pantera, Suffocation, Cradle of filth, Canibal Corps, God of Darkness group band.

1.2 Research question
Concerning the previous parts, the writer arises the questions to be answered.
1.2.1          What are the sounds  change pronouciation covered in  lyric of the Thrash metal  song ?
1.2.2          What  sounds  vocal classification are found in the lyric of Thrash metal song?

1.3 Objective of the study
This research is aimed to describe the changing of sound into English language in Thrash Metal song lyric.
1.4. Reasons for choosing the topic
The writer has a few reason for choosing this topic.
1.4.1        Sound change is interesting topic to be studied.
1.4.2        This study might be broaden not only the writers insight but also all the students and lecturers who are interest in phonology study.

1.5 Delimitation of the study
1.5.1    the writer delimit his study analyzing the music only in Thrash  metal songs lyric which consist of :
- Dimmu Borgir
- Pestilence
- Manowar
 - Pantera
- Suffocation
 - Cradle of filth
- Canibal Corps
- God of Darkness 

1.6 Significance of the study
1.6.1 The writer expects that this research will give something valuable toward the reader.
1.6.2 The writer hopes that this research can give contribution to other researcher concerning phonology study.
1.6.3 The writer hopes this study will be useful to the students in English Education department to increase their knowledge about sound change in music

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