Best Love Words Ever from Facebook

Best Love Words from Facebook. 
the words bellow show the Best Love Words Ever in Facebook:

For once, I want to be reason why he cuts his hair just because I told him so,

The reason why he eats something just because it’s my favourite food,

The reason why he buys a shirt just because I have the same color,

The reason why he falls asleep while holding his phone at night,

The reason why he loves something he used to hate because I love it
lastly I want to be the reason why he smiles and laugh.

I want to be the 'because' of his every ' why’s ' ♥

by Max

‎"sometimes i act like i don't care but deep inside it hurts me smuch"
by aileen

I Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me,

That You Can Be Happy Without Me,

That You Can Survive Without Me,

But Even If You Turn Me Away,

I Will Still Choose To Stay With You,

Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever

Best Relation In This World Is,
When You Hold The Hand
Of A Person And The Person
Walks With You Without Asking
''Where" And "Why..!!!♥♥♥

‎- ιт'ѕ a nιce ғeelιng
- wнen yoυ ĸnow тнaт
- ѕoмe one loveѕ yoυ,
- ѕoмe one мιѕѕeѕ yoυ,
- ѕoмe one needѕ yoυ
- вυт ιт ғellѕ мυcн вeттer
- wнen yoυ ĸnow тнaт ѕoмe one
- never ever ғorgeтѕ yoυ ♥

I don't know if
I Like yoU or LOve you
♥ ,
want yOu or Need yOu, ♥
all I know is
I love the Feeling I get
when I'm
neaR yOu... ♥

Love is you
Love is me
Love is the baby we keep
Love thus, makes me weep
Love gives me patient and knows no hatred
Love helps me to say I do before the wedding bell
Love makes my head swell

'Don't you know I love you..,
Is not just a word.
So don't say it if you don't mean a word
Empty promises were not kept where there's no love
…but where there's love, all is well
Love can make your heart be loved again
Love can make you smile again and no matter how..,
…scared or not, love can make you fall in love again

Woman and man want a long lasting relationship. Someone who will be there for her, support her, trust her, comfort her, appreciate her, and love her for ever.

itulah beberapa postingan di Facebook yang menampilkan tentang perkataan cinta <3

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