contoh abstract skripsi Bahasa Inggris UNIMA

The Study on Emoticon used By Facebookers

Tommy Damima
NIM.   06 310 226

    ADVISOR I   :       Dra.N.Samola, M.Hum
                                        ADVISOR II :       Dra.Diana. J. Wowor, M.Hum

Language is a means of communication to express ideas and feelings. People communicate with each other using language in their activity. Many activities in this live have their own special language.  The research entitle “the Study on Emoticon used by Facebookers” is to describe about emoticons used by Facebookers and its meaning.
The data were collected from the informants and researcher himself as Facebookers who have their own profil in Facebook website. Notes and the researcher are some instruments to support the data in this research, then analyzed by doing unitization, categorization, explanation and interpretation.
It was found that the Emoticon in Facebook were indicating the Facebookers feeling such as sadness, happiness, love, angry. The function of Emoticon for Facebookers are to make the message clearer, so the is no missunderstanding between the sender and the receiver.

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